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10/30 – Page Interhouse

Tonight was our Halloween party this year. More specifically, tongight was Page’s Interhouse party. The theme was "The Flying Dutchman." So there was an elevated dance floor surrounded by water that had lights running through it, as well as a miniature version of the Dutchman that housed the DJ while he played music. The party looked okay, although it is not even close to some of the extreme construction we’ve seen in the past (or will see later in the year).

As this was the night before Halloween, everyone came in their costumes. I saw plenty of great costumes. Nearly all of the freshmen in Ricketts House dressed as another freshman nicknamed Genesis. There were people dressed as bananas, angels, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and all kinds of other costumes. In this picture, I’m dressed as a Spartan from 300 and Timi is dressed as Medusa. And that is a real snake around her neck and in her hair. That’s called dedication!

Kyle Verdone