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Applesauce oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Today we made applesauce oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! I had a jar of applesauce that I needed to finish by next week, so we substituted applesauce for all of the oil in the recipe. For some reason, the recipe had lots of oil but not very much butter, and it’s a lot easier to substitute applesauce for oil than for butter. Applesauce apparently makes the cookies softer and chewier, which I thought would be good since the last cookies I made were super super crunchy even on the inside. Since I’m living off campus next year (only around 5-10 minutes away by walking) and won’t be on a food/board plan, I have to practice cooking over the summer. Also, next year, cookies will be a good way to convince people to come over and visit me off campus!

The applesauce probably did make the cookies softer, which was nice. When the cookies first came out
of the oven, we thought they were too soft since they fell apart when we
tried to take them off the foil. But after letting them cool for a few
minutes, they held together well and tasted very good.

I forgot to halve the recipe, so ended up with 3-4 dozen bite-size
cookies. It’s easy to get rid of cookies, though. Often when people bake
too many cookies or other sweets, they leave some of them out in the
kitchen labeled "free". I saved some of them for later and left the rest
for free, and they were gone within a few hours. Since we also decided to have a NERF war tonight, I brought a dozen cookies to the NERF game to
give to people. On the topic of NERF games, we’re still trying to schedule a game during the fall term with our club advisor and possibly some other faculty, which would make for a very interesting game!

Laura Santoso