Andy Rothstein

Andy Rothstein

Life of a Lloydie - Andy. Hello! I’m a senior physics major with a minor in aerospace engineering from from Bethesda, Maryland. I’m a member of Lloyd House (and was the president last year), help out as a dean’s tutor, wait house dinners, and swim. Outside of the more structured activities, I’m always on the hunt for the best KBBQ restaurant or really any ayce place.

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Senior Send-Off

The seniors have less days than the frosh have term left.


Due Tomorrow, Do Tomorrow

It’s Thursday night and you’re trying to finish one of the two sets you have due tomorrow. You’ve been grinding at the set for a few hours and things have actually been going pretty well, but then you get stuck.

Student Life

It's Rant Night!!!!!

Vital Information: The seniors now have fewer weeks left at Caltech than the frosh have terms.


Rotation Rotation Rotation - The Caltech Houses

My favorite part about Caltech is the Houses! The easiest way to describe them is as Hogwarts houses: each has their own personality and group of people and the first thing you do at Caltech is go through a “sorting” process. The people are what makes the Houses at Caltech so great. As a frosh, it’s amazing to be able to come in and immediately have a group of 100+ people to support you. Because the Houses have students from every grade, you make friends with upperclassmen and can ask for help on tons of things like: