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Page House Beach Trip

Hi guys, So Remember how I told you I didn’t go on the Fleming beach trip because I wanted to do work and go to the art exhibitions around Pasadena? Well… I ended up going on the Page house’s beach trip instead because Sunday came and I had finished all of my work. This was possible because I’m a dual member of Fleming and Page (and also Avery, but anyways). I am a social member, which means I can attend any of the Page house events (and get it subsidised) but I can’t vote in the Page house election.


ArtNight Pasadena

Hey guys! So instead of going on the Fleming house beach trip to San Diego this weekend, I decided to spend my weekend catching up on some work and doing cultural activities like…going to the Pasadena Art Night! For those of you who are not yet familiar with the Pasadena ArtNight, It’s one day every year when all of the major museums and galleries in Pasadena are open until late, and you can visit all of them for free! There are shuttles from the Pasadena City Hall, and those are completely free of charge also! So Basically it’s a night where you get to go out, enjoy some great street food (from food trucks around the area), look at contemporary art for free and meet loads of different young and upcoming artists in Pasadena. More info here.


A little bit about myself..

Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me yet, a brief introduction about myself…