Katelyn Lee

Katelyn Lee

Hi, my name is Katelyn, and I’m a junior from New York City majoring in Bioengineering! As a member of Lloyd house, I serve as the SocD (Social Director) and head LASR (Lloyd Alley Social Rep). When I’m not planning events for Lloyd, you can find me singing with the acapella group, Fluid Dynamics, tutoring in the Caltech Y RISE program, or researching paper-based diagnostic tests with the Pierce lab. I am an avid runner and museum-goer, and I love to read, tinker, and do crosswords.

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Musings on a Small School

Whenever I tell someone that Caltech has an undergraduate population of less than one thousand people, their first reaction is disbelief. “Really?” they exclaim. “You must know everyone! How can you get a real college experience with so few undergrads?”