Shri Deshmukh

Shri Deshmukh

Hi there! My name is Shri Deshmukh and I am a senior at Caltech studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Environmental Science and Engineering. On campus I run Track & Field and am the leader of Caltech Dance Team as well as Caltech TBP. Off campus, I have interned at Princeton University and JPL (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory) where I’ve pursued my passion in robotics. In my free time I enjoy hiking/biking in nature, listening to music, and overall just having a good time with friends and family.

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How I Chose My Major

Coming into Caltech, I was not like some of my peers who, from the first day of entering campus, knew exactly which field they wanted to pursue. I arrived at Caltech finding everything around me intriguing. From mathematics to mechanical engineering, from biology to computer science, all of the above! As (somewhat of) a joke, I would claim I wanted to do 18 majors at once! Once I reached campus, there came my challenge of trying to definitively determine what major fits best for me.