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Wrapping things Up

Hey all, As I wrote about last time, my race last Saturday was the final one for the season. With that, I will be wrapping up my blog with this post. I think I’m supposed to do some kind of reminiscence or whatnot, but I’d like to keep that short, because I did manage to get those pictures taken! (Well actually, a super-cool ChemE friend of mine took them because he’s that awesome.) Looking back on this season, I’m mildly amused. Due to conflicts and other circumstances, I only ran three of the six scheduled races this year. {Last year, I ran every one.} However, this 50% participation rate is not too bad. I joined the team for the experience of being with a group of smart people who like running, not to do races. Sure, racing is good - and I’m pretty competitive when I want to be!- but I’d rather enjoy being with my teammates than be caught up in the race. When I started off, I had pretty normal hopes for how things would go. However, my workload soon caught up with me, and I struggled some to find a balance. Thankfully, things got better when I started running on my own 3 days a week. So this season was a learning experience, I suppose. I like having those, even though they aren’t pleasant when they occur. Therefore, I’m pretty content with the way things went.