Tyler Colenbrander

Tyler Colenbrander

Hi! I’m Tyler and I’m a junior in Ruddock House studying Electrical Engineering, originally from Novato, CA. I’m on the Caltech Ultimate Frisbee Team, I am a Peer Advocate (PA) for my house, and I am a Teaching Assistant (TA). I am really interested in solar energy research, and I currently work part-time at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) researching solar cells for deep space missions. In my free time, I enjoy 3D printing, playing Pokemon Go, Star Wars, Rubik’s cubes, Hamilton, Lego, and airplanes!

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Living in the Virtual School Year

This past year was so different than most of us could have ever imagined. Living in “the virtual school year” posed a plethora of challenges, but at the same time, it opened the door to new possibilities. As a society, we learned how to better operate in a virtual world, and as individuals, we had time for new endeavors. For myself, this meant taking the leap of faith to move away from home and live with some fellow Techers. While I had already had the experience of moving away from home and coming to live in the Caltech houses, this was quite different. Instead of living in organized student residences with hundreds of other students, a meal plan, and tons of support resources, I was about to go live with just 5 other people (some of which I did not know super well) and we had to find and manage our own housing, food, and necessities.