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The Caltech Y’s Ice Cream Competition

This past Saturday the Caltech Y held the final part of the house ice cream competition. If you don’t know already, Caltech has eight houses: Avery, Blacker, Dabney, Fleming, Lloyd, Page, Ricketts, and Venerable. They each have a motto and house color(s). Tom Mannion, the Senior Director of Student Activities and Programs, had this great idea to hold a contest though the Y where each house designs an ice cream flavor, preferably in the theme of the house color, and students and judges will vote on which one is the best. Fosselman’s would make the custom-made ice cream for each house, and the Y would host the ice cream competition. Fosselman’s ice cream is a small local ice cream parlor that makes some of the best ice cream that I’ve tasted. They have ice cream flavors that you can’t find elsewhere and they’re not odd flavors like Philly cheesesteak, but flavors that just sound plain delicious, like almond mocha fudge. There are also the traditional flavors like chocolate and butter pecan. I like getting one of the plain flavors just so I can taste how rich and creamy it is compared to grocery store ice cream.


My favorite things about the Y

Hello everyone! I am Wen Min Chen, the vice president of the Caltech Y excomm, as Laura mentioned in her first blog post. I hold the Caltech Y near and dear to my heart, since it has allowed me to experience things I probably wouldn’t have at other universities. After all, the Caltech Y is devoted to giving students opportunities to explore life outside the Caltech bubble. The Caltech Y has a lot of programs that can be grouped under five main categories: educational programs, outdoor adventures, community service, social activities, and cultural events. There’s always something that will interest the average student here!