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Dilichi standing in front o some trees

Blogger Introduction: Dilichi Nwankwo

Hello! My name is Dilichi Nwankwo, and I am an Admissions Ambassador on the blogger team. I am currently in my third year here at Caltech studying Computer Science. I am originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, with most of my family being Nigerian. You will usually know me around campus as one of the leaders and founders of the Black Student Union.
I am interested in dancing, sightseeing, and having a fun time. I’ve always had a passion for exploring new places and trying new food. Though Caltech is hard, I’d like to use this blog to show ways of balancing your time and finding space to relax. Whether it is hanging with friends on campus, studying new topics, or exploring LA, there are always fun ways to pass the time!

Dilichi Nwankwo ’25

Hey, my name is Dilichi and I am a current junior majoring in Computer Science. I’ve already had a passion for exploring the greater LA area and trying new places. Caltech is hard, so it’s always nice to find ways to relax. Whether on or off campus, there’s always fun ways to pass the time!

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