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Blogger Introduction: Tessa Pierce


My name is Tessa Pierce, and I’m an undergraduate Admissions Ambassador here at Caltech. I enjoy sharing my experiences with prospective students, typically in the form of tours and webinars, but I’m excited to try blogging as well! 

I’m a junior studying Biology, intending to minor in Chemistry. I’m passionate about the potential of research and STEM to make a difference in the world, particularly in medicine.  One of my primary goals during my undergraduate education is to explore, both academically and through travel and meeting new people. I grew up in a small town called Newport, WA, about an hour north of Spokane.  I’m passionate about representing students from rural areas and sharing some of the resources and opportunities that have been the most impactful for me and the many ways to interact with the Caltech community.

Tessa Pierce
Tessa Pierce ’25

I’m a junior studying Biology, intending to minor in Chemistry and/or Environmental Science and Engineering. I’m from a small, rural town in Washington state about an hour north of Spokane. On campus I’m the founding President of HOSA- Future Health Professionals, a member of the Health Advocate and Peer Advocate programs, an Orange Watch volunteer, and I’ve participated in SURF on campus, the SURF Exchange with the University of Iceland, and Study Abroad! In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching Disney movies, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

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