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Busy, busy, busy!

So it’s the first week of school and I am now back to being extremely busy! Like I mentioned before, frosh are no longer on pass/fail for third term so I have to make sure to get good grades. I have a pretty good schedule and I’ve started some problem sets already.

The picture is a picture of my notes from Ma5 which is an Introduction to abstract algebra class. We did groups, rings, and modules in first and second term and now we’re learning about fields and Galois theory. It’s pretty exciting (at least for me).

I think I should go over how class registration works for admitted students. We pick our classes and sign up for them before term, but that’s nowhere near set in stone. For the first three weeks, we have time to go to certain classes and see if we really want to take them and then we can add them to our schedule. After the end of the third week, you can’t add any more classes. At any time before the end of the eighth week of class, we can decide if we want to drop a class. It’s good that this deadline is after midterms so we can really have a good idea of how we’re doing in a class.

I’ve had a very busy week but I’m looking forward to the rest of the term. I have pretty interesting classes (which I’ll write about more extensively as the term goes on) and there’s a ton of fun stuff to do like house events and (especially) Ditch Day! If there’s anything you guys would like me to blog about (I’d especially like to hear from prefrosh!) just comment on my posts.

Stephanie Reyes