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New Year, New Me

Man, 2019 feels like it was just yesterday.

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Caltech at Home, but Make it Study Abroad

Annyeonghaseyo! Rather than continuing to stay at home, this term I’m taking my online classes from Seoul, Korea. This sounds a bit crazy, but it ended up working for me...

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Online School.. on Mars

When the announcement was first made that fall term was going to be online, I started talking to friends and looking for places to live. We were debating locations around...

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Admissions Reflections

What do you remember feeling when you found out you had been accepted to Caltech?

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Rotation Rotation Rotation - The Caltech Houses

My favorite part about Caltech is the Houses! The easiest way to describe them is as Hogwarts houses: each has their own personality and group of people and the first...

Category Student Life

It's Rant Night!!!!!

Vital Information: The seniors now have fewer weeks left at Caltech than the frosh have terms. Moving on, Thursdays are my favorite day of the week at Caltech. Most people...

Category Academics

Due Tomorrow, Do Tomorrow

It’s Thursday night and you’re trying to finish one of the two sets you have due tomorrow. You’ve been grinding at the set for a few hours and things have...

Paving the Way & Enjoying the Journey on the Road Less Traveled

Almost a year ago now, I was just about to start my first Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) at JPL. NASA had sent out an email to all of their...

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Senior Send-Off

The seniors have less days than the frosh have term left. (Although technically done with work, we don’t officially graduate for another week) It’s been a whirlwind the past few...