Coffee Shops of Seattle Part 1

Coffee Shops of Seattle Part 1

Get ready for a whirlwind review of Seattle’s coffee shops! Seattle is full of coffee shops everywhere, so I’ve really only been to a few, but let me comment on and recommend some of the ones I’ve been to :) Café An’clairLocated in South Lake Union. I can’t believe I don’t have photos of this one! I often went to this place to get bulgogi sandwiches for lunch. They sell really cute, yummy pastries and have unique coffee syrup flavors like orchid. They also have a good Spanish latte, but I tended to get the orchid breve since who has orchid syrup?? The Spanish latte is also a bit too cinnamon-y. I didn’t realize they charge extra for breves in Seattle, but everywhere I went, a breve was more expensive than a latte. That’s too bad since I like breves so much more than lattes :( (By the way, a breve is basically a latte but made with half and half rather than whole milk). It’s a brightly-lit, cute space, and I really liked going to this place since it was <10 min walk from work! Evoke CoffeeLocated in South Lake Union, this coffee shop is super popular on Instagram with its but first, coffee sign. It’s a relatively quiet coffee shop, and its mascot is an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy lying in the corner. Their coffee has a darker roast but is quite good.

Seattle Sunshine CoffeeLocated northeast of U-District, this coffee shop features pretty standard drinks. It’s a nice place to work and is well-lit, and there’s a colorful glass chandelier in the middle :) There are two floors to this small-ish coffee shop.

Bellden CafeThis cafe is located in Bellevue, on the other side of Lake Washington from where I was staying. I thought it was also a nice place to work, but nothing special. They have conference rooms that can be opened or reserved. In the photo below, I’m sitting in one of those conference rooms!

Zoka Coffee RoastersThis one is a chain, so there are a couple outlets, but I went to the one in Green Lake. Honestly it was my favorite coffee shop while I was here. Maybe it’s because I like sweet coffee, and they had this delicious lavender mocha. I also love cozy but spacious coffee shops, and this place had the perfect vibe. The dark wood and yellow lights gave it a warm feel, and there was plenty of seating. When I was sitting here, someone behind me was reading a story they had written, and someone sitting in front of me was teaching two others Japanese!

Get ready for a follow up post with coffee shops featuring cute latte art and dark chocolate mochas :)