Cold, Wet, And Happy

Cold, Wet, And Happy

Well uh, good evening from a cold and rainy Scotland. I spent the whole of today in beautiful St. Andrew’s Scotland. Funny, I know. I’m Andrew. In St. Andrew’s. And even funnier, it was my mother who told me I had to go to check the place out.

So, I suppose in some sense it was destiny that I woke up bright and early on a Saturday to take the two-hour bus out to St. Andrew’s. It was actually a very peaceful bus ride up, a bit of beautiful scenery, a bit of gorgeous rolling fog, and boom! We were in St. Andrew’s!

The first thing Justin and I did (as we usually do) was to get breakfast! Both of us have a horrible habit of not eating before these trips, so when we arrive around noon, it’s always a perfect lunch time. We opted for a typical American brunch: fried chicken and waffles. This has actually been one of the foods I’ve been missing from the US for the last couple of months. That, cheesesteaks, Waffle House, and grocery stores that actually carry what I need to buy for dinner. Especially that last one.

After breakfast, it was time for a walking tour of St. Andrew’s. Only, it was rather rainy, so it was a bit of a brief walking tour. We started at the golf museum and the beach. The latter seems like it would’ve been beyond gorgeous in nicer weather, but alas it just wasn’t meant to be. We then went to explore the university.

The architecture was a lot more reminiscent of a US old college than a historic UK University, but it was still very scenic. We then went to the castle and the cathedral (ruins). This was actually super cool; it was very reminiscent of the castle ruins I visited on the way to the Isle of Skye, but just a bit more in-tact. So very historic.

We then took refuge for the rain. At this point it was just a wee bit cold to be out exploring, so we found a coffee shop, which, funny enough, was the location of that William and Kate had their first date, many years ago. And so, we had a nice afternoon tea, and one of the best scones I’ve had in my life, and then headed back to Edinburgh.

A lovely, cold, wet, day.