Cube-farm Highlights

Cube-farm Highlights

It’s the middle of the week, and I find myself having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning for work. I have finally adjusted to a normal sleep schedule… I even wake up a minute or two before my alarm goes off–unfortunately, I automatically wake up early on the weekends too!

I have really been pushing myself at work these past few days since I have my mid-project review coming up for this Thursday. It’s a meeting where I present all of my work so far to my manager and group leader. Though it sounds like a big deal…the review is pretty casual compared to the end of internship final review and exit interview…but I really want to hit this one out of the park and impress my managers. I’m slightly nervous, but also really excited to show them what I’ve been working on.

Because of this upcoming review, I have gone into tunnel-vision mode at work. But nevertheless, there have been some funny random tidbits from my cube-farm that I want to share with y’all that made me smile:

  • Yesterday, I got up from my desk to retrieve the yogurt I had left in the kitchen fridge earlier in the weekbut hadn’t gotten around to eating. You can imagine how confused I was when I shuffled through the fridge and failed to find my strawberry yogurt. Someone ate my yogurt! I walked back to my desk empty-handed and wondered what had happened. As I thought about it more, I realized that the person who ate the yogurt….was me! Since I have been so occupied with my work and pretty mindless about everything else, I’massumingI ate the yogurt at my deskthe previous day.I’m fairly sure…or someone stole it. I’m not sure! :)

  • My hexicle neighbor, Mark, is always on the phone. He is currently trying to get some parts made and delivered, so he has to call a ton of manufacturers, etc. His desk phone rings constantly, and even when it’s not…his cell phone is going off or he has people over in his cube discussing the project. Mark has a very thick foreign accent that makes it difficult sometimes to understand him…so his solution is to speak more loudly instead of more clearly. I can’t help but smile and shake my head as I overhear him almost yelling on the phone in his hexicle to get his point across. Thepast few daysI have been putting my headphones on to listen to music to block out the extra noise coming from Mark’s cube. You won’t believe it–but it seems that every time I go to put my headphones on…all of Mark’s calls and conversations stop; then when I take my headphones out or stop my music to better concentrate on work…his phone is rings. hahaha

  • Music is also the solution in getting through the work dayfor my other cube-farm neighbor, Alan. I don’t think he realizes though, that when he puts on his headphones, he is still sitting in the cube-farm with all of us. He has been unknowingly serenading us all with songs from the Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones—cause he is singing along with his headphones on. Oh man—at least we know that he’s being productive! :D

Anyway, those have been the small instances this week that have broken my serious and focused mindset—and have given me something to smile to myself about (and sometimes hold myself back from bursting out laughing in my hexicle). There is never a dull moment at work, that’s for sure. That’s all for now….wish me luck on mymid-project review this week!