Day Off Means Going Off Campus

Day Off Means Going Off Campus

The Inauguration of Caltech’s 9th President, Dr. Rosenbaum, was declared an Institute holiday. This means no classes or sets due! We celebrated by sleeping in and getting off campus for brunch at Urth Cafe. Urth has an amazing selection of teas and sweet coffee drinks, and an extensive and delicious menu. It’s a great place to go with friends on the weekends, or family when they come to visit!

I have a bad habit of always ordering the same items at my favorite restaurants. This is particularly evident at Urth Cafe, because I go there often (3-4 times a term), and usually with the same people, so they notice (and know my order by heart). I freeze up when presented with an abundance of delicous-sounding choices…and partly out of fear of making the wrong decision, I go with what I know works well. This is not an over-exaggeration; I have ordered the same two items every single time I have been to Urth Cafe.

  1. Small Honey Vanilla Latte with almond milk.

Pictured: Honey Vanilla latte. Super sweet, super tasty.

  1. Caramelized banana bread pudding.

This is not necessarily a bad thing: these two make for an amazing brunch. But I have a feeling that if I expanded my horizons, I could discover new, amazing things.

That’s a rather deep analysis of learning to order an omelette.