A Sketchy Sketched Map About Biking

A Sketchy Sketched Map About Biking


Bikes are beautiful. They are freedom-giving (but less expensive than cars). They are adventure-providing (but less scary than motorcycles). They are great.

Since my bikes (I have 2. One for triathlons and one for training and commuting.) are stuck in Minnesota, never to know the wonderful weather of Pasadena, I got a refurbished bike from Empire Bike Shop to use here.

I was skeptical about getting a refurb[ished bike] because, come on, what if something was wrong with it? Well, a refurb often has new gears, new brakes, or new wheels. A good bike shop won’t sell you a bike if the important parts aren’t all in reliable working order. Empire Bike Shop lets you ride around the shop to test out a bike before you buy it. I am thrilled with the bike I got.

But what do I do with it?

From Google Maps. Here's a beautiful map of the area around Caltech. If you check routes ahead of time using Google Maps, Pasadena can be a very bike-friendly area. I started my day with Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and now I'm working my way through his album *Presence* between procedures in lab. It helps me get pumped up and focused. I'll end with a picture of an axolotl.
From https://southerncrossreview.org/73/axolotl.jpg