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Dumpling Night

Dumpling night is a termly tradition I have with my Caltech friends. Caltech’s meal plan doesn’t provide dinner on weekends, so we usually pick a weekend evening to hold dumpling night. My friends and I go to either 168 Market or 99 Ranch, both Asian markets about a 15 minute drive away from Caltech. Frozen dumplings at these markets go for about $2-$4 per bag, and there are about 25-30 dumplings in a bag, so it’s very economical.

Some of my friends live in off campus housing (literally across the street from Caltech), and they have their own kitchen and more space, so we usually cook and hold the event at their place. See my side note about off campus vs off off campus housing below. We cooked about 150 dumplings (for 12 -14 people) and a big bowl of fried rice. We usually pan fry half of them and boil the rest.

It’s always fun to meet up with this group, since many of us are in different majors/houses and don’t see each other regularly. If you love dumplings, now you know where to go for cheap and tasty ones when you’re at Caltech.