Cycling + Endless Good Food in Singapore

Cycling + Endless Good Food in Singapore

I went cycling in Singapore along the coast, and it was so nice! I love exercising, and especially after eating so much good food everywhere I felt like I needed to do some more moving. Singapore is a very green city, full of trees, so it’s really refreshing.

At one point we biked onto a wooden pier where a lot of people were fishing, and we could see amazing views of the coastline and the ocean.

The horizon in Singapore is literally covered with ships waiting to go into port, making a new horizon.

I don’t know how to post about all the great food I’ve eaten, so I just wanted to add a few pictures of food to this post. I feel like good food is literally everywhere in Singapore, or maybe this is just true in Asia, but it’s great.

In order:bak kut teh, the front of a dessert shop, durian chendol, and chicken rice. Everything is yummy, I swear. Although I’m not used to the taste of durian…but the rest of it was good :)