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Food, Weather, and other Small Talk

It’s cold. Let’s be clear. When I say it’s cold, I don’t mean like… East Coast cold. It’s about 50°F outside. We don’t have snow; we don’t even have rain most of the time. It’s windy and chilly and I kinda want to just sit at home with hot food and not worry about things.

This week’s hot food is some of my favorite so far. We did this pesto salmon bake with veggies.

This was really good. And really easy. I was a super big fan of this cooking method – it requires minimal effort and tastes fancy and delicious.

We also made chicken tikka masala in a slow cooker. This was slightly less deliciousbut still very nice on a cold evening.

Sunday morning, I made Texas-shaped waffles and bacon. It was pretty great. I’ve been eating the leftover bacon in BLTA’s for lunch.

Midterms start tomorrow (Wednesday of week 5). I only have one midterm and it’s an in-class test on Tuesday of week 7. However, midterms are about when school usually "picks up" a little. I have four assignments due in three days this week, and Wednesday nights are no good for me because I have a 7-10pm class. This is about usual, but at least my homework week is over by Thursday morning.

I guess that’s what’s going on in my life. In my free time, I’ve been putting on really big sweatshirts and watching the West Wing. And eating tasty snacks my parents sent me as a "good luck on midterms" present. Ordinarily I’d go out more but it’s cold and all I really want to do is eat snacks and watch TV while being warm.

Until next time,