Frosh Picnic!

Frosh Picnic!

Hey guys! Spring is the best time for picnics and parks and being little kids again. Some of the frosh from my house and I went out to Grant Park for some frisbee and food and fun. (:I figure these pictures sum it up:

Welcome to Grant Park! (I think we may have scared some kids… .___.)

Meet two of our Frosh Upperclassmen Counselors (UCCs), Tony and Nick!

You spin my head right ‘round right ‘round…

3, 2, 1… JUMP! (I promise this was our first try!)

Frisbee is just kind of our thing.

“What sets?”

FOOD. 6: So yeah. A lazy Saturday morning spent just rolling in the grass and enjoying each other’s company and the great weather out here. Those Saturdays can be rare at Tech unless you make time for them. Grant Park is only across the street from Avery and down the block.

What do y’all do for your lazy Saturdays? keep lookin’ up, Jenny.