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Ghouls and Goblins? Well… Not Exactly

Happy (Belated) Halloween!!
So it’s Fall term midterms week at Caltech, and what does that mean? That it’s Halloween, of course! What better way to take a break from the grind of classes and exams than to dress up in crazy outfits and have fun with your friends?! Well…there isn’t one so that’s what I did. My Halloween has been pretty busy with a few different things going on, so let’s get started!
Well…in my opinion an amazing way to spend All Hallow’s Eve Eve is with your best friend watching movies and eating snacks, so that’s what I did. Dannah and I (read: I) made some pumpkin pancakes to enjoy before having a movie marathon in the Braun "off-campus" house lounge. The movies we selected were "The Break Up" and "Election." Both were pretty different but entertaining (and NOT scary – I hate scary movies). And of course our snacks were delicious!

So after that exciting lead-up to the Eve of All Hallow, it was the BIG DAY! Fleming House had a pumpkin carving contest, so my alley (hallway) did our best effort to carve a good one. Well… if nothing else we at least had a fun time!

Well unfortunately, we did not win. HOWEVER we got an honorable mention because the administrators who were judging really liked our design. I’m really proud of the Alley for working together – we had a blast!
However nothing is more important on El Día de los Muertos than DRESSING UP! Allison (remember the baseball game?) and I had a plan, but we needed to do some prep work before the big day.

By now you’ve probably figured out what we were…so without further ado let me present Caltech’s version of Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter!!

It was also really neat to see a lot of my other friends dressed up in their costumes, so here is a sampling. 🙂

OK well party time’s over – time to head back to work on midterms and prep for my next interview! Oh wait…I’m a senior, I don’t have any midterms. Well all the more time to prepare for Duke on Tuesday!

Andrew Freddo ’10

Chemistry and Biology, Class of 2010

My name is Andrew, and I am beginning what looks to be a busy and exciting senior year! I’m originally from New Jersey, and always try to give my friends here at Caltech a taste of my East Coast roots. Outside of my chemistry and biology classes, I enjoy cooking (Italian food, of course!), giving admissions tours, writing food reviews with fellow blogger Dannah, and catching up with my favorite TV shows. Academically, this year will truly be a culmination of my first three at Caltech. I am currently applying for combined MD/PhD programs (also knows as MSTPs ? Medical Scientist Training Programs). In addition to juggling my sets and exams, I’m going to be visiting many schools around the country to interview for their programs. I’ll definitely be logging lots of frequent flier miles, snapping lots of pictures, and learning a lot about medical and graduate school!