Girls' Night and Formal Dinner

Girls' Night and Formal Dinner

The lovely ladies of Venerable House decided to compile together a Girls’ Night on 11/14, which would entail watching rom coms, decorating each other, and eating cupcakes. (This prompted the men of Venerable House to hastily throw together a Guys’ Night of beverages, action films, and card games.)

Nutrition at Girls’ Night

Body art: Henna. Also hair pastels (a simpler form of spray-on temporary hair dye) and nail polish, both unshown

11/21: North House Formal Dinner This is an occasion for people to dress up and pretend that they attend a preppy liberal arts college. The usual work jeans and T-shirts are scrapped in favor of dresses and dress shirts, or at least a collared polo. Despite the formalwear, however, most of us were still behaving like college students at a Californian tech school.

On the other hand, non-vegetarian options were quite delicious and included a tender braised rib as the entree (completely de-boned, with just the right amount of seasoning,) and a pumpkin pie with chocolate crust for dessert.

And a bunch of the Rudds (mostly sophomores, though not exclusively so) decided to have an ethnic dress day and all wear their Indian clothing to formal dinner!

Till next time! Anita