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Hanging out in Avery

The trustees and founders of Avery House don’t allow murals
on our white walls, but we are allowed to decorate bulletin boards in each
hallway as a compromise. Joe, our Resident Life Coordinator (RLC), gave us a
bunch of paint and murals to paint on. Our Alley 6 took the initiative to go
first. Jessica, Sophia, and I painted an impression of Avery with a tower for
Alley 6 since the lounge closest to my alley is called Upper Guard Tower (UGT)
and obviously because Alley 6 is the best ; P I haven’t really painted since
art classes during high school, so it was a lot of fun to pick up a brush again
and express our creativity.

Avery Interhouse is coming up next month, so Averites have
been measuring the courtyard and brainstorming ideas. The theme this year will
be Wreck it Ralph. I still haven’t seen the movie but I’ve heard it’s good. I’m
excited for Interhouse parties again- Techers really build awesome dance floors
and put on an awesome party. Sadly I missed Big I first term while abroad.

Since it was a three day weekend and Sam, an alum, came back
to visit, Jessica H. decided to cook for lunch. It was nice having homecooked Chinese meals again. Here are some pics of what she taught the guys how to
make-it was delicious!

I hope you had a lovely MLK weekend!

Jessica 🙂

Jessica Yeung