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Happy New 一二!

(Yi Er means One Two, and sounds similar to Year. Heh, something I should’ve mentioned in my intro is that I love puns! 😛 Bear with me, please, I’ll try to keep the cheesiness to a minimum.)

Happy New Year, everyone! Caltech released a video featuring some of the highlights of 2012, most notably the landing of Curiousity. As for me, I’ve had a great 2012 and, of course, am armed with a heady list of resolutions for 2013. In 2012, I was able to SURF at Stanford at a genetics lab, shadow at Huntington Hospital, get certified as a Red Cross First Responder, overcome my fear of rollercoasters and watch a live comedy show by Demetri Martin.

One highlight from last term was visiting Six Flags. This was actually my first time to Six Flags as well as first time on any roller coaster other than the kiddy rides at Disneyland. Another confession I should make is that I am absurdly acrophobic–ski lifts and glass bottom elevators are enough to make my toes curl. My boyfriend, however, chivalrously took me to four of the most intense rides at Six Flags, including Goliath, X2, Batman, and Tatsu.

Term has had its ups and downs, but we’ve finally coasted through 2012.

Avery also held a gingerbread house contest. My alley made a "Golden Graham Bridge", also known as the "Road to Diabetes". This inedible but indelible piece of architecture took us 2 hours to make, and many, many tries before we got it to stand.

How many physics majors does it take to build a suspension bridge? 5 apparently!

Finally, I celebrated Christmas at the beach with family. It was pretty funny to see Sand Christmas Trees and snowmen, and many people also dressed pretty festively.

There’s only half a week of break left, which is always a bittersweet feeling. I’m terrible with good byes, but I’m also really excited to go back to Tech especially since several good friends who were studying abroad last term are back.

Hope you all had a great break! Congrats to seniors for finishing your apps, and hope to see you at PFW!

I’ll end this post with a belated haiku:

Deck the halls with cheer

And songs, gifts and good food too

Dear ones are all here

Caroline Yu