Making Progress...

Making Progress...

Hooray for being done with midterms week! I took my CDS 110 midterm last night in the library…wasn’t too bad.I actually think that midterm was the last I will ever take IN MY LIFE….since 2nd and 3rd term all I am really taking is my thesis and 2 other classes that don’t have written midterm exams. I guess, that doesn’t include the finals I will have to take in 5 weeks at the end of this term..but come on, it’s awesome to think that I will NEVER have to take a midterm EVER again! :D

My team and I just finished giving our midterm presentation in front of Professor Pickar. We talked about all the work thus far, our analysis of the previous centrifuge prototype and our proposed design ideas. I think Professor Pickar was really pleased with the presentation and was really excited about seeing the sketches and understanding our thought process.

Here are a few of the sketches/pictures/renderings we have done over the past few weeks while reengineering our centrifuge:

Angie’s preliminary concept sketch of centrifuge

Sophy’s 3D model

Have a great week everyone!