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KazuNori, Midori Matcha Cafe, and The Counter

Hi readers, I’m back with anotherfood post. Seriously, I think more than half of my blog is about food these days. This week, I’ll review KazuNori, Midori Matcha Cafe, and The Counter.

KazuNori is a hand roll bar in DTLA. They ONLY serve hand rolls, and they make them fresh after you order them. You seat yourself at a counter and wait for the delicious rolls with crispy nori (seaweed) to be made and put in front of you. KazuNori offers several set menus which allow you to try a variety of rolls at a cheaper price.

Midori Matcha Cafe is in Little Tokyo, and is just a short walk from KazuNori. It’s pretty new, and serves everything matcha – matchaéclairs,matcha soft serves, matcha drinks, matcha cream puffs… it’s a matcha lover’s paradise.

Finally, The Counter is a gourmet burger place in good old Pasadena. You can build your own or choose from one of their many selections. I went for an alley event, which means my meal was funded by my house (Page). Alley events are planned by the Upper Classmen Counselors of each house, and are a bonding activity for people in the house.