LA Treasures

LA Treasures

Howdy, If you’re ever in LA and have some time, Griffith Observatory is the place to go. You can get there via Metro on the Red Line or use Uber like we did, but make sure you check the traffic and Greek Theater concerts before you decide to Uber. We got up there right as the sun was starting to set, which was just perfect because we got to see the Hollywood sign and the sprawling metropolis that is LA only a little while before witnessing the little lights dancing both below (the city) and above (the sugpermoon that night).

This was my first Sunday evening back. After church, I sat in my room, wondering what I’d spend the rest of my first weekend back doing. Just the day before, I had given my first nerve-wracking tour as a Caltech tour guide before taking the bus to Old Town with some friends just to catch up and have decent Indian/Himalayan food.

So Sunday evening, my boyfriend messaged me asking if I wanted to go to Griffith Observatory. It’s open until pretty late so people can go see the stars or planets through their telescopes. Next thing, we were grabbing some friends and riding up to the observatory. Oh, summer time. Carpe diem, right? Or noctis, in this case.

I love going to school here, but sometimes when I’m wading in sets and proofs, it’s hard to remember why. This is precisely why. Even though we’re tucked away in quiet and cultured Pasadena, we have LA at our fingertips. The Metro is decent and Uber and Lyft both provide quicker ways to get places. I’ve met a lot of drivers already just from exploring the city, and they each have pretty cool stories, about acting or starting their own business or meeting famous people.

So yeah, that happened. If this is what summer weekends here are going to be like, come at me! Also, I’m loving the questions on my tumblr. I’m also rather impressed that y’all managed to find my personal blog and get to my tumblr from that. If that works better for questions/comments, feel free! You can ask questions anonymouslyhereor follow-up until the next weekend adventure.

keep lookin’ up, Jenny.