Mail Packages!!

Mail Packages!!

I LOVE getting packages in the mail. It feels like someone sent me a present, even if I ordered the package myself. :P At Caltech, undergrads are given PO boxes for getting letters/postcards/etc. Anything that’s larger is picked up at the on-campus mail office, which is conveniently near most of the student houses.

Recently, I ordered some stuffed animals from Squishablesduring their major sale! The timing was great because her birthday was coming up just then. I also got one for myself and my brother’s upcoming birthday.

This penguin is the Squishable I ordered for myself! He’s name is Fattie. :P

This red dragon is for my brother. Squishables also sells a blue dragon.

This jellyfish is for my friend!

When I went to pick up the Squishables from the mail office, I was also surpised to receive another small package. Turns out my parents sent me a care package. (D’awwwww) They sent me a mini baggie of vitamins (my parents would) and some Asian candies (yay!!).

These candies were from the goodie bags that my cousin gave out at her wedding. I missed the wedding because it was in the middle of classes, so my mom saved and sent them to me. The wrapper design is the most adorable ever; however, the candy itself didn’t taste that great. I think it was some sort of milk chocolate? It was really strange.

My orgo textbook is in the background, haha.

Moral of the story: Yay for packages!!