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I Think I Chan I'm a senior from Denver, Colorado (the land of Patagonia jackets and unpredictable weather). At Caltech I'm on the fencing team foil squad captain and SAAC representative, a member of chemistry club and ultimate frisbee team, and the Fleming House food committee representative. In my free time, I like to hike, write poetry, shoot photos, and explore LA for trendy food.

Paint Your Dreams

Paint Your Dreams

What’s crackalackin’ my parrots! (get it? Because… Crackers?)

Last night was the department of geological and planetary sciences (GPS) paint night, or, as it’s colloquially known, “deepening the GPS ++++++++++ love” (Dustin adds a + to the end each time that it happens). GPS as a department is fairly tight-knit; it’s hard not to be when you’re all taking classes together and going on field trips to who-knows-where. As such, we have lots of bonding-type activities throughout the week: we have social hours on Fridays, events throughout the week with research presentations and discussions. We even run our own softball team during the summer season (cleverly called “strike-slip”, just like the infamous San Andreas fault). But every now and then we have nighttime activities for bonding purposes, and painting night is truly the classic one of those.

Especially for me, paint night has been a great way to deepen friendships with grad students in our department. GPS is very graduate student heavy. As of right now I know maybe 7 other undergrads in the department, and most of my classes (at least, at this point, are majority graduate students). So, with paint night basically we get a bunch of canvases, a bunch of cheap paint, and we all get together and just paint for a couple hours. It’s a very wholesome evening and a very nice time altogether.

There’s a big range of artistic abilities in the department, and not everyone is painting either. Emma, one of the grad students, is an extremely talented artist and spends her time during paint night just working on whichever beautiful drawing she’s working on that given week. Then, there are people like me and Toby, who, although not completely artistically untalented, are certainly not the creators of beautiful art every week. This week, I decided to try something new: making the geometric art that I’ve always hated seeing in galleries in Los Angeles. Specifically, I painted one small white canvas. I like to think deep down that the white represents my deep lack of confidence in the world and in the love in the world that we live in. I mean, I did TRY to outline a heart in white paint. However, it really didn’t show up, so it’s just white paint like any other white paint. Or is it?

Art is what you make of it,


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