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Pasadena Outings

I’ve headed off campus a few times over the past two weeks, and I am so glad I did! Even with a packed class schedule, it’s really fun exploring the area and doing activities that I haven’t in the past three years.

Last weekend a few girls in Page House went to a local sushi restaurant, Sugarfish. It was incredible. If you ever need a restaurant near campus (within walking distance) to take your parents to, this is the one!

This Friday, to celebrate a long week of homework (and a weekend ahead full of even more work), we took a break and went to Color Me Mine. Color Me Mine is a paint-your-own pottery studio. They provide the pottery, and we paint it! They’ll fire it after you leave and you can pick up your finished pieces a week later. We had a lot of fun picking out pieces, but the most relaxing part of the night was the painting.

I have been working on my reading list still, but between two project classes, TAing a class, and occasionally going off campus, I haven’t had much more free time. Let’s hope things calm down after midterms.