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Postcards from Jenny

Hi friends!
What would you do if you only had a weekend in London? What if you’ve never been?
i faced that fun, fortunate dilemma a few days ago as the past weekend neared. London has so many amazing things to offer that it’s tough to figure out what is feasible in a single weekend. Here’s a list of what i hit, but please comment with more suggestions, recommendations, and reviews for other readers and for my next trip there!
Selfie Stops
As the title indicates, these are all places that my friends and i stopped for selfies. Entrance fees varied for each location, but they shared one similarity–that they seemed too much for our wallets and our time.

Big Ben+ Elizabeth Tower +Westminster Abbey

The crowd of tourists at the base of Elizabeth Tower was a little tough to get through. i managed to pick up some postcards for 10p each, though. You can’t get that price anywhere in Edinburgh, unless you print them yourself! These postcards were also justsoLondon–red telephone booths and double deckers on a black-and-white background with the London Eye or Big Ben or the River Thames.

Buckingham Palace

London Bridge

Apparently the London Bridge in the song has fallen and been renamed several times. This would be the most recent one. Let’s hope this lasts! i remember from the Magic Tree House book when i was little that the London Bridge during Shakespeare’s time was full of shops on both sides. i suppose they stopped doing that after the Bridge fell a few times…

London Eye

Apparently this costs twenty quid (slang for £20) for a spin. No thanks. Not this time. Not ever. Unless i marry some rich heir and even then we wouldn’t use our money on this. £20 could buy so many hot chocolates or easy-peel oranges…


Surprise! This river doesn’t not stink as much as it did in Shakespeare’s time. It’s not the prettiest of blues, though. It looks more like hot chocolate or instant coffee gone wrong. The weather was (unexpectedly) gorgeous in the afternoon, and walking by the river was enjoyable. i highly recommend!
Tower of London

Another pricey tourist attraction. i won’t be seeing the English crown jewels this time. The Tower was a misleading name, though–i’ve always pictured a tall imposing tower…This actually looked quite similar to the Edinburgh castle, featured in my previous post here.

Monument to the Great Fire of London

This is a pretty cheap place (£3)to get a great view of the city! Who needs to pay for the Shard or London Eye when you can climb the 311 steps of this Monument and get some bonus exercise, too? Do be careful, though: the steps were pretty slippery and small, so get shoes with some grip and maybe smaller feet while you’re at it! (PS: i shot the picture of the river above from the top of the tower!)
My friends and i managed to hit all those spots in less than a day! It’s actually pretty easy to get around. We didn’t even use the tube that much because it was so pleasant to walk around and see the city. The air quality isn’t super great, but it’s just sort of a really big city. Smoking is also super big in London/much of the UK in general, so if you’re sensitive to poor air quality, keep that in mind!
Keep an eye out for my other posts about London–there’s so much to do in a short weekend for people with all sorts of interests!
cheers + keep lookin’ up,

Jenny Sheng