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Prefrosh Weekend

A year ago I was having the best time of my life yet! In all those senior questionnaires asking about my best High School experience, I always gave two replies: getting the early decision acceptance letter from Caltech and going to Caltech’s Prefrosh Weekend. This time, I’m on the other side of things doing what I can to make sure that other Prefrosh are having a blast. I never thought that such a fun and memorable event like Prefrosh Weekend could be so tiring (for reasons other than eating donuts at midnight and running around the campus in the single digits of the morning for various entertaining reasons). Hanna and I hosted three Prefrosh this week – one stayed in our room for one night before the other two arrived and then she moved to a neighboring room. At the beginning of the school year Hanna and I already decided that we wanted to host Prefrosh this year so I had a good reason to get a couch. The couch looks deceptively small but it folds out into a sizable bed that can perfectly fit two Prefrosh!

Well, now I’ve got to get back to work to make sure that this enjoyable Prefrosh Weekend doesn’t take a heavy toll on me next week!

Nina Budaeva