Cuanto Cuesta?

Cuanto Cuesta?

Our huge group of 20 left Antigua at 6am to drive an hour to the Solola Market and the town of Panajachel.

The marketplace was full of tourists and Guatemalans selling and buying everything from food to vegetables to handmade goods. We broke out into pairs and perused the market to observe the market and also do some quick shopping.

We got back onto the bus to drive up the windy roads and mountains of Guatemala to reach the town of Panajachel. It was a very tourist-y type place since it was right on Lake Atitlan. Here, we grabbed a nice bite to eat before we loaded all of our camping gear onto boats for a weekend of roughing it by the lake.

I was absolutely mesmerized by Lake Atitlan–the water was so clear–and the three volcanoes that surrounded the lake.

Coming up: The (risky!) boat ride to our campsite for the weekend!