Quest Through Amsaria

Quest Through Amsaria

Caltech alumni generally come back to help out on their friends’ stacks for Ditch Day. We had invited 8 people for our stack, and they were all going to be actors in the Town Market section, as the merchants. I came up with the idea of using cardboard trifolds, like the type one sees at high school science fairs, for stalls. While the other members of my group took care of the other stations, I spent a lot of my time for the past 7 weeks of this term shut in the library painting. Here is how each of the trifolds turned out:

I was also in charge of designing and leading painting for our wallboard mural, which is the first thing that the stackees see on the big day. After some discussion, it was agreed that we would feature the princess staring out the window of a tower at a dragon.

Quasi-final design draft:

Tracing the design onto the 4-by-8 plaster wallboard via projector:

Tracing the dragon design we had found online:

Mugdha working on painting the dragon as I painted the princess (an original design):

Every year, we close off the House library the second or third week of spring term so that the seniors can work on their wallboards in secret. Here’s Sasha and Eli working on the Tin-Tin wallboard:

And Lindsey and Surya on Harry Potter:

Ben on Star Wars:

The nearly finished Quest Through Amsaria board:

In the meantime, we also had to get permission from building administrators to use their buildings for our activities, coordinate with the alumni, reserve a spot for 30 people for our off-campus activity (kayaking), and reserve rental cars…Very little sleep in the week leading up to Ditch Day. I think I averaged 3-4 hours a night for that week, and 0 the night before.

The real Ditch Day approaches! Stay tuned!

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