Favorite Courses at Caltech

Favorite Courses at Caltech

Below I have listed my favorite classes after 8 terms of classes at Caltech in no particular order. I picked these based on my overall enjoyment of the course, which depended on my interest in the subject, the quality of course, and the various topics/projects covered.

ACM095A Introductory Methods of Applied Mathematics for the Physical Sciences

The best professor, Kostia Zuev, the best content, the best mix between theory and application, just all around a fantastic class. You basically learn calculus in the imaginary realm, and how this can be used to solve differential equations.

PE 010 Aerobic Dance

A great, fun, stress relieving class that is perfect for taking with friends. It is basically a zumba class with a core workout at the end. It was cool to see my ability to hold a plank increase by a minute!

EE/CS/IDS 160 Fundamentals of Information Transmission and Storage

The professor is a great lecturer, who really takes the time to explain theoretical concepts in a plain language that is easy to understand. It is also a great introduction to information theory.

ACM/IDS 104 Applied Linear Algebra

Taught by my favorite professor, this class really shows you a lot of applications of linear algebra that makes you confident in your ability to apply it. One of the sets had you implement the page rank algorithm that google uses to order search results!

EE 111 Signal Processing Systems and Transforms

A fundamental course that introduces you to discrete systems and the tools for understanding and transforming systems.

EE 044 Deterministic Analysis of Systems and Circuits

Amazing professor that was really engaging in class, and brought in a lot of real world examples. I took this class during the 2020 election and a problem in our midterm was trying to predict the winner of the election using convolution and Laplace transformations.

Hum/PI 044 Philosophy Through Science Fiction

So cool and interesting. The professor is really great at connecting physics, philosophy, and various media and presents a lot of interesting scenarios that I had never considered before.

Ma 001B (analytical track) Calculus of One and Several Variables and Linear Algebra

My favorite proof based class, it was really a great introduction to linear algebra.

Mu 137 History I: Music History to 1750

Super interesting, I never realized how tied music is to government, architecture and

society. It was also fascinating to see how music evolved from simple Gregorian chants

to compositions of Bach.

EE/CS 010A Introduction to Digital Logic and Embedded Systems

Incredibly challenging but we built our own CPU which was incredibly rewarding.

Ma 002 Differential Equations

I just like applied math classes, and the professor was amazing for this class.

CS 001 Introduction to Computer Programming

A really good introduction to Python with easy to understand assignments and teaches you the basics of Python as well as programming in general. We had to create a rubiks cube which ended up being really cool.

ESE 001 Earth’s Climate

The best part of the class was the final project, where you researched a climate policy. I did mine on ocean fertilization, which I never even knew was a thing until this class.

EE 045 Electronics Systems and Laboratory

My favorite part was the final project were my partner and I made a music tuner! So it would tell you wether or not the sound was a certain frequency. Below is part of my breadboard design for the project: