It's Rant Night!!!!!

It's Rant Night!!!!!

Vital Information: The seniors now have fewer weeks left at Caltech than the frosh have terms.

Moving on, Thursdays are my favorite day of the week at Caltech. Most people get through the week dreaming of Fridays, but they are wrong. Thursday is far superior for two main reasons: Grill Night and Rant Night.


Grill Night

Grill Night is exactly what it sounds like. For dinner, student waiters grill a ton of food in the courtyard. Depending on the week, this includes steaks, salmon, chicken breasts, burgers, hot dogs, or sausages as well as veggie burgers, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and a ton of other veggies for people who don’t eat meat. I helped grill for Lloyd and, obviously, our grill team is the best. In addition to the best food of the week, grilling is another great way to destress and relax. Plus you get paid to do it!  meat

Time to Rant

The other great part about Thursdays is in Lloyd House is Rant Night! This is a chance for anyone to complain and vent all their anger from the week, with lots of table banging and noise included. It starts with our designated Rant Frosh giving us the first rant and then the floor opens to anyone who has something bothering them. Previous rants have included:

  • Being smothered by work (a popular topic)
  • Being ghosted by a professor (another unsurprisingly common one)
  • Being ghosted by Jon Webster about formal dinner
  • Awkward interactions where the ranter had to run away
  • Academic advisor not approving life decisions
  • Planning any house event
  • Being a physics major (f in the chat)
  • Job searching and interviews
  • People stealing your indian food
  • A club meeting that turned into a cult worship
  • Grad School Applications
  • Career Fair – How it’s not fair if you don’t study C$
  • Everyone ranting about C$ majors It’s a ton of noise, banging, and laughter making it a really cathartic weekly event. I’m mentioning this now because we have recently brought it back online! We combined it with a chance to teach people some knitting, so it had been rebranded Stitch and B***h. Here’s a photo of us below!  virtual