The SRC mirage

The SRC mirage

Hey Y’all! So, I’ve begun work at Schlumberger and there is so much to say.

First of all— the site I work at is absolutely GORGEOUS. There are many Schlumberger work sites throughout Houston; I work at the Schlumberger Reservoir Completion center (SRC) in Rosharon, about 22 miles away from where I live in Houston.The buildings are state of the art and structurally stunning. The campus is on 400 acres, and has lush landscape and man-made ponds all over the property.

The best way I can describe the work-site location is to analogize it to a mirage. Because to get here, you have to drive for miles and miles on an empty 2-lane highway bordered by rice fields. And then all of a sudden, you turn out of the road, and are surprised with this huge facility out in the middle of nowhere. The sight of it all is almost surreal…like a mirage.

Thankfully, I have a driver to take me to and from work every day, since the drive is pretty long. I end up sleeping since I leave my apartment at 7am in the morning, and leave the office at 5pm.

More about the office and my actual work a little later…until then, I’m free to explore Houston till Monday morning!