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Rocking Out

The adapters that I spent so long getting were immediately put to good use. One of my friends had just bought a copy of Rock Band 2 (marked down because of the new Beatles Rock Band), somebody else had a XBox 360 we could use, we borrowed some controllers, and the house had speakers and a projector. It’s a bit like stone soup, if you remember that fairy tale, but we made it work.

We projected everything up on one of the walls in the courtyard. The residents on that wall put down their blinds at night most of the time anyway, so people aren’t looking in their windows, so it makes a nice screen. We had to be careful, though, to make sure the bottom of the picture was aimed at the big white space between windows. Otherwise, it’s kind of hard to play.

The hardest part of setting everything up is moving the speakers. It takes two people to get them up and down the stairs, so it’s kind of a pain. It’s worth it, though! With those speakers, you feel like you’re really rocking out!
We dragged over some couches so people would have a place to sit. Several of the new freshmen who are here for pre-season showed up and played for a while. Then, around 2 am we had to pack up. Pasadena has zoning ordinances that say that we’re not supposed to make loud noises after 2 am, even on the weekend.

After that long walk, I was content to watch other people play while I relaxed in the hot tub. Ahhhh.

Dan Obenshain