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SF Pride Weekend!

Hey there!
It’s been a pretty busy weekend. On Friday, Airware officially moved out of its site and into a new, fancier one. I did no work. I spent all day moving and helping other people move. The internet shut off at 3 and I went home shortly after that.

The interns met up for dinner and a play at 6:30. Dinner was at Osha Thai, a chain Thai restaurant that’s consistently good if a little pricey. The play was free; it was calledPresent Laughter and it was put on by Theater Rhinoceros, a theater group that does "queer theater". We got the free tickets on the internet and it was good! The biggest issue it had was that the first character onstage did not do a convincing British accent. Also the main character overacted a lot, but it was part of the story – the play was about an aging actor who likes to ham it up.It was thoroughly entertaining and well worth the $0.

Iwoke up late on Saturday and made myself One-Eyed Jack (aka Bird in the Nest aka Egg in a Hole) for breakfast. I sat around reading for a while and then went with Boyfriend to La Taqueria, where the best burrito ever may be had. We both got carne asada super burritos.

We then wandered around the Mission for a bit, finishing up at Mission Dolores Park. That was a fun scene, lots of groups of people just hanging out (ostensibly to celebrate the Dyke March, which was nearby and had occurred that afternoon). It was pretty relaxed. The Airware interns sat together on the hill.

We went to get Mexican food after that, but it got pretty late. I went to bed after Mexican food.

Today we got brunch with Boyfriend’s high school friend and a friend of his. We ate at the Nob Hill Grille, and I had a lamb sausage, goat cheese, and spinach omelette. It was excellent.

We stopped by the Pride Parade but to be honest, parades aren’t really my thing. It seems very enjoyable to be part of a float but I wasn’t. We didn’t stay very long! I was tired and just wanted to chill at home for the afternoon.

Monday morning we moved into a new office at work. More on that – and my whole work week – in the next post.

Until next time,