I am not going to sugarcoat it—this past week at work was beyond intense…and my brain officially hurts.

On Tuesday morning, I turned on my laptop and proceeded to begin my work day when I realized that I was having extreme difficulty controlling the cursor on the screen…even when I wasn’t touching the mouse, the cursor kept automatically veering off the screen towards the upper right hand corner. Thinking it was just a small glitch with the mouse, I tried ignoring it and kept moving the cursor around to try to open up my office e-mail and work documents. I failed immensely, and decided to ask around my cube farm for help. My work-mates puzzled, computer restarted, and mouse replaced–I decided to take matters into my own hands and walk my laptop over to the IT department in Building 20. After getting temporarily lost on my way to IT, I handed my computer over and explained the phantom cursor situation. We fired up the laptop…and lo and behold: the mouse was back in perfect working condition. Aaaargh!

In terms of real work—I have spent the past week theoretically solving and then coding the math model for the pressure compensation system. Since I needed a way to organize my thoughts, I decided to take my process to the whiteboard in my hexicle. After a few hours and multiple iterations, I finally found my solution!

Next I had to work on writing up the actual code. I decided to create the code in MathCad, a software used for documenting engineering/scientific calculations. I actually have never used the program before my time here at Schlumberger, and therefore had to learn on my own.

I hit an instant roadblock as I was trying to install MathCad. I was bombarded with error after error:

“The license you have requested contains an error” “Please specify a location of the product license” “Program already installed, would you like to repair or remove the program”

I just wanted to use the program–not repair or remove it!….my frustration resulted in my second encounter with IT in one week.

The end of my week went really well—I presented my progress on my math model to my manager, and got positive feedback and a “good job!”–It was definitely a confidence boost for me. I also received a docking station from my administrative assistant so that I could finally plug in my laptop and use a nicer monitor. It was a nice mental break for me to set-up my new workstation after such a hectic week.

Hope y’all had a productive week like I did…and are just as psyched as I am for the weekend!