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The ShakeOut and the Swim Meet

A few days ago, I had a gross imitation of a protruding bone glued to my forehead, a gash drawn on my arm, and fake blood dripping all over my face and arm. No, I wasn’t celebrating Halloween a couple of weeks late, I was a volunteer victim in the Great Southern California ShakeOut Earthquake Drill at Caltech. At 10 am on November 13, the Fleming Cannon was fired to signal the start of an earthquake of magnitude 7.8, and participants on campus were encouraged to respond as if there was a real earthquake.

I also spent the weekend in Oakland, CA at Mills College swimming for the Caltech swim team in the first meet of the season. The great thing about Caltech is our honesty about our athletic abilities. Our cheer this weekend was "e to the x, e to the y, e to the x dx dy, secant cosine tangent sine, three point one four one five nine …." Enough said :D. The meet was fun though – combine a road trip with a math set with a season of House and I’ve got myself an awesome weekend. Oh yeah! I swam a few races, too, and even scored a couple of points for our team. We’re looking forward to a great season (and hope to get more swimmers for next year!).

So, this week is going to be tough with Thanksgiving Break coming up soon. I’ve got two physics sets due this week! aaaaaa! To be honest, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now with the extra homework, but I’ll try to keep you posted on how my week goes. ‘Til next time!

Janis Intoy