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The View from Red Door

The sun is warm, the grass is green, the birds chirp, the gene pool spits out its cute little fountains of water.Summer is most definitely upon us. As I walked today back from Broad Institute to the houses, I was absolutely shocked at how beautiful the buildings looked! Check this out! Beckman Institute was always one of my favorite buildings on campus. And how it looked today only proved my point! Often, there are graduate students playing Ultimate Frisbee out on this lawn, as well as local Pasadena folks walking their dogs, pushing strollers, etc. Definitely one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been to.

Continuing my day, I made it to Red Door and grabbed myself a caramel italian soda. (Eventually I’ll try all the flavors. Peppermint is my favorite at the moment!) Outside, I plopped onto a table, readjusted the big green umbrella, pulled out my physics textbook, and started studying…

When all of a sudden!!
I spy two nice gentlemen by the trees. They seem to be setting up a rope line! Why yes! Two slackliners decided to come to Caltech and practice – right where I could watch!! What a time to be aline.. er.. alive.

A job well done by the slackliners. If only I could slack on this physics set…

Here’s to a beautiful summer day.Enjoy!

Until next time,

Alison Lui