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Visit from my family! Part 2

This half of the blog posts about my family’s visit focuses on the food!
It’s a good thing that they came during the summer. Otherwise, my desk would be unusable and completely covered in papers and food.When my family came over to visit, they brought a mountain of Asian snacks. I’m not even exaggerating! This picture only includes one half of the food and snacks my parents brought.

We had lunch at the fancy restaurant while we were at the Getty Center. The food was so good! I ordered a flat iron steak, and it was very tender and juicy. I really liked that we could enjoy the good scenery while eating yummy food. The plating in the pictures is a bit messy because I accidentally started chowing down before I taking the picture.

Someone had that really coolRomanesco broccoli on their plate. What’s special about this vegetable is that it mimics fractal patterns in its bud patterns. The number of spirals on one of their heads follows the Fibonacci sequence. Yay, math in nature!

This was my first time seeing aRomanesco broccoli in real life, and I was very impressed. Apparently it tasted pretty good too.

For dinner, we went to a super fancy steak house that was part of my parent’s hotel. Since the lighting was dark, the pictures came out pretty grainy. And to be honest, the food wasn’t plated very prettily, so there wouldn’t be much to look at even if I included the pictures.I did, however, grab a cool shot of their wine cellars.

I think they were a little dissappointed when my parents didn’t ask to open a bottle.The restaurant had two wine cellars flanking the entrance of their dining area. The picture above is of one of the wine cellars, and you can only see one of the three walls just crammed full with wine bottles. The room was made with glass walls, so you could easily see the wine from the outside.

How cool is that?

Debbie Tseng