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Weekend 2

One of my favorite things about the bus ride to work was the view outside the window. This may sound a bit mundane, but the bus passes through a road with a lot of trees, which is surprisingly relaxing. When the weather is good, it was possible to see the nearby mountain, Mount Tsukuba. When I first saw it on the map, I knew I wanted to go at least once. The weather in Japan in June isn’t exactly great, however, so any plans of going could easily be ruined by rain.

A few days after my first trip to Tokyo, Shin-sanasked me if I wanted to go somewhere else in Tsukuba during the weekend with her and Chou-san, one of the more senior employees at work. Shin-san had yet to go to Mount Tsukuba, so we decided where to go pretty quickly. (Assuming that the weather wasn’t horrible, of course.) When Saturday came, it was somewhat cloudy; to us, that was good enough. Chou-san had a car, so we drove there. The way to Mount Tsukuba was the same as the way to work, except you had to drive an extra 13 kilometers or so. After finding parking, we followed the crowd, which first led us to Tsukuba-san-jinja:
Afterwards, we headed to the cable car station, which would take us to a higher point of the mountain. There were a couple of suggested hiking paths, but those would have taken several hours and none of us really wanted to do it. (Also, Chou-san was wearing flats.)

We ate at this revolving restaurant.

Rule of thumb: when in doubt, get the recommended dish (おすすめ), budget permitting. The restaurant’s recommended dish was kenchin udon; you have three chances to guess what this is! 😛

After eating, we went to the floor above the restaurant. The sky was less cloudy than it was when we got off the cable car, so we could see the plains surrounding the mountain.

Afterwards, to the peak we went! It wasn’t very steep, but I can’t really claim that I was physically prepared for it. We made it though, so it’s all good.

Chou-san and I. Success!

My co-workers told me that on a good day, it was possible to see Tokyo Tower from the peak. Unfortunately, the clouds made it impossible to see anything, so I would have to wait another day to see Tokyo Tower. After taking a few more pictures, we hiked back down and bought a few things at the souvenir shops. I wasn’t very hungry then, but I somehow ended up buying dango, partly because I wanted something warm, but mostly for the sake of being able to eat dango.

The yellow one is kabocha (squash?) flavor. I ended up getting the white ones, though I don’t remember what flavor they were.

After I finished eating dango, we started walking towards the trail leading to… another peak. Wait, what? Apparently, Mount Tsukuba has two peaks called Nyotai-san (female) and Nantai-san (male); we had already reached the former. Nantai-san is supposedly a few meters lower, so we thought it wasn’t going to be as bad. We may have taken a wrong turn though, since getting to the peak required climbing a bunch of rocks:

With Shin-san!

After seeing that, we balked and called it a day. We went back to the cable car station, stamped our tickets (large stamps seem to be a common memorabilia for a lot of tourist places) and went back down. After some more window shopping and and evilly eyeing the soft cream shop (at that time, I was legitimately concerned that I wasn’t going to pass by any more soft cream shops in Japan, which couldn’t be further from reality), we drove back to the dormitory…

…And then it started getting sunny. Good job, weather.