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Weekend Shenanigans

Then Saturday night consisted of a house frosh dinner at Souplantation led by two of our lovely frosh UCCs. I also couldn’t help but resist tell you (probably for the millionth time) how nice the weather was! Nothing really beats reading 100+ pages for a humanities class while the sun is out 🙂

There’s a nice little balcony in Avery where Lauren (in the picture above) and I go for a little peace, quiet and sun. Finally, Sundays around here are pretty busy as people scramble to complete their sets due on Monday. Nonetheless, we got a pretty exciting game of Nertz going in the lounge that lasted until about 1 in the morning before everyone dispersed to finish their math sets.

In the end, we really don’t have to venture far from campus to have a great time on weekends. However, next weekend will be pretty exciting because Avery House is heading on our annual ski trip!
I’m going to leave you with something explosive to think about. I’m sure you’ve all seen this experiment before but I thought I’d share it anyways. This occured in chemistry lecture one day. Salts are sprayed into the flame and give off different colors as their electrons are first excited to different energy levels and then fall back to the stable state. Enjoy!
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