Brunch at Zinc Cafe & Market

Brunch at Zinc Cafe & Market

For R’s birthday, we went to get brunch at Zinc Cafe & Market in the LA Arts District. We had originally planned to go to BluJam Cafe in downtown LA, but there was unexpectedly a two hour wait because of the LA Marathon the next day! Thankfully we stumbled upon this place on Yelp and switched plans.

It was my first time at Zinc Cafe & Market, but I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone! I want to go back already.

The design and layout of the place is really cute – there’s a little shop on the side where they sell sauces, cookware, and other kitchen paraphernalia. In the middle, there’s a cafe-like area where all the coffee is made, and where they also sell cookies and other small pastries. There are also multiple outdoor seating areas, with one next to the market area and one on the far left side of the shop. Additionally, the floor-to-ceiling windows make the place well-lit, welcoming, and happy! The atmosphere is light and pleasant, and there are all sorts of people from LA inside, although probably mostly young people in their 20s-40s, though I did spot at least two police officers getting their weekend brunch fix!

We were seated in the far back of the restaurant, in a cozy corner of a spacious seating area. I love how I didn’t feel overwhelmed by how much seating they had but instead felt very comfortable. I ordered the Zinc Waffle, which is served with a delicious ginger syrup. The waffle also has a flavor of candied ginger, and I thought it was amazing. I would definitely order it again, especially since it’s only $12 and very filling, which is really not bad at all for a LA brunch meal! I also tried my friends’ chilaquiles and french toast, and I thought both were really yummy as well. I want to go back and order the chilaquiles next time!

I would definitely recommend going to this place for brunch. I’ll definitely be back :)