Zurich Street Parade

Zurich Street Parade

This past week has been incredibly busy. We are trying to put together our paper to be done by the beginning of this week and I produced my final plots the diHiggs study. Well, I at least got to the end of the part that I needed to work on. I will most likely be making more plots or remaking those I have at some point. But all of that is fine when you have written macros to do everything for you. Now I just need to prepare for my presentation in the main auditorium on Tuesday, not to mention finish my other two projects.

This weekend was quite fun. Saturday was the Zurich Street Parade which is the largest techno party in Europe. People from all over swarm the city and there are like eight stationary stages plus another four mobile stages which drive around the entire city playing techno. Everyone dresses up in quite exotic costumes, many of which are probably not decent for this blog. But it is Europe and everyone comes to have a good time. It’s really nice because it is just the right level of crazy and fun but nothing ever gets dangerous. People of all ages take part and have a blast.

It was even better that my roommate from Tech, Marec, was able to come. He is doing research in London and flew into Zurich on Saturday and has been spending the weekend with us in Geneva. We spent Saturday in Zurich walking the city and taking part in the party. We headed back to Geneva in the early evening to make it in time for the fireworks for the Fête de Genève. It was an extraordinary show where the equivalent of a US finale was performed at least eight times synchronized with music. It was quite impressive and even better that the light and sound ricocheted off all of the buildings so even as we walked back to the tram line we could see everything.

Today I worked at CERN to prepare for my presentation and Marec went into the city to buy chocolate. He has been trying to survive with British food and I must say that it is sad to see a fellow Frenchman in that state. But he was succesful in findng plenty of chocolate, even with most stores closed on Sundays.

Sunday night we went to another barbecue at Professor Newman’s chalet and it was awesome as usual. It didn’t rain this time but the night sky was incredibly clear above us so we could see plenty of stars. It was nice to sit there and talk with the Newmans as well as their guests from all over the world. We had a bit of a scare since the blinds on the patio are automated and somewhat touchy so they started going off and would have locked us out of the house if Mrs. Newman hadn’t heard them, rushed over and crawled under into the house before they closed. She was succesful though and saved it. It was a good evening and it was nice to catch up with the lab group and Marec.

It was nice to see a friendly face this weekend and have Marec here. It makes me realize that we now only have three weeks left. It’s crazy and means that it is crunch time to get stuff done before leaving CERN but also means I will soon be meeting up with another one of my friends from Tech to spend a week chilling in Barcelona. Good times ahead!