$2 Ice Cream Sandwiches

$2 Ice Cream Sandwiches

Last weekend, I traveled down to Caltech from the Bay Area for my boyfriend’s birthday. Friday night, we drove about 40 minutes to Westwood for Diddy Riese’s famous $2 ice cream sandwiches. Okay, not just for the ice cream sandwiches, but mostly.

Right next to UCLA campus, the town boasts its own movie theater as well as many shops and restaurants. It’s very nice to walk around, and if it were daytime, I would have loved to stroll around the campus itself. At the time, it was already 8pm, so it was pretty dark and most shops were closed.

Now onto the main event: ice cream sandwiches.

When we got to the shop, there was a line coming out of the door and onto the street! The line moved quickly though, so we waited in line for probably only 10-15 minutes. When ordering the ice cream sandwich, there was variety of cookies and ice cream flavors, with the option to choose two different cookies for the sandwich. I got one chocolate chip cookie and one white chocolate macadamianut cookie to go with my coffee chip ice cream. It was absolutely delicious! Their cookies were warm and soft and just perfect. Plus, it was only $2! I would definitely come back again.

They also sell brownies, sundaes, and other sweets for similarly low prices, so if ice cream sandwiches aren’t for you, there’s probably another good option here at Diddy Riese :)